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Though there are so many easy way to make money online, But Today i am going to talk about Top 3 Simple Ways to make money online. This list is according to my knowledge and experience. no biased. If you know any other way to make money online, then please share it in the comment section below. So lets get started.


No-1: Become a Blogger.

Blogging has its glorious history and the people those who have understood this phenomenon and applied properly have made fortunes online. If you are passionate about something, that you can blog about, then you must go ahead and do blogging. Its always recommended that you should use a paid domain like .com, .net, .org etc, etc instead of using free blog services like Blogger and WordPress. Just purchase the domain name and install WordPress  on it and you are all set to go.  Blog daily. Consistency is the key to success in Blogging.





No-2: Become a Freelancer

Freelancing is anoth good way to earn income online.

If you are good at any skill, then you can do freelancing on the web.

There are people all around the world, those who want to outsource several projects. You can take the project based on your skill set and can and can get paid for completing the project on time. there are sites like,


Freelance.com, Elance.com Guru.com, etc etc where your can find so many freelance jobs to choose from. There is a site called Fiverr.com  where people gets their things done in just  $5. There also you can try.











No-3: Become a Affiliate Marketer.

Affiliate Marketing is very popular all the time. Here people make money by selling other people’s products, stuff.

Now-a-days so many multinational companies are adopting this affiliating marketing techniques in their business to expand it on global basis. As a Affiliate marketer you don’t need to create products, website, payment gateway, all this is taken care by the Merchant. Only what you need to do is promote the affiliate url to target market as much as you can and when some one purchase from that link, you make a percentage of Sell, that is commission.



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