If you are involved with any kind of Opportunity, may it be MLM, Network Marketing or just any Home based business out there, then you probably know how important is the prospecting factor. And i am sure, that you’ve already been tried several prospecting techniques to become successful in your business. Well, You must try what so ever. because, there is no success without action. So here i am going to highlight few important factors that you must be aware of in order to become a Prospecting Monster in your company. Learn these

best mlm prospecting tips…





So Let’s get started….


Best MLM Prospecting Tips NO-1: Speak Less Listen More…

mlm prospecting tipsThe biggest mistake most of the people do while it comes to prospecting, is they speak too much, instead of trying to listen what the prospect wants, what he/she is telling. The scientific cause behind it, is when you listen a person, you understand more about him. So ask questions and let your prospect speak. This will give you an insight of thought process of the prospect, which will eventually make your prospecting work easier. So from next time, when you prospect someone, try to listen more to your prospect.



MLM Prospecting Tip NO-2: Keep yourself in your prospect’s Shoes. 

mlm prospecting tips


While prospecting, its very important to see yourself from your prospect’s point of view, this is crucial for mlm prospecting  as well as followups. Because when you put yourself in your  prospect’s shoes, you are able to understand the problem batter and can suggest batter solution. instead of pitching your opportunity right away, by doing like this you can build a strong relationship with your prospect, which leads to long-term success in your business.


MLM Prospecting Tip NO-3: Ask Proper Questions..


If you ever had success with prospecting, then you’ll agree with me that, proper questioning technique leads to effective prospecting. So while you prospect, you should know, what question to ask and what not to ask to win this prospecting game. Here is some tips: Always ask close ended question. Never pitch your opportunity at first hand, build curiosity in your prospect’s mind about your opportunity.



 MLM Prospecting Tip NO-  4: Build Healthy Relationship…




If you want long-term success in this prospecting game, then you must have to build a healthy relationship with your prospects. Be friendly, listen to their problem, help them , give value as much as you can and build strong healthy relationship. Because people love to hear from people with whom they have good relationship with. So no matter what, always try to complete your discussion with a friendly note and build a healthy relationship.



 MLM Prospecting Tip NO-  5: Approach More People



Someone has said it rightly. Your success in this business depends on how consistent you are in prospecting, presenting and taking followups. Prospecting is nothing but a number game, means: The more you do, the more you get, as simple as that. So make a daily habit of meeting with 10, 20, 30+  new people and prospecting them, taking their contact details, so that you can approach them latter. you can invite them to your weekly seminars, can give one-on-one presentation and add them in your network.




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