Email Marketing Tutorial Beginner’s Guide : Part -1

Whether you believe it or not, starting form small to fortune 500 companies, they all do email marketing in day in day out. So if you are an Online marketer, blogger or an online business owner and you are not taking advantage of the email marketing then you are probably leaving money on the table.  In this email marketing tutorial you can learn how you can take advantage of this powerful marketing technique.


So without further ado, let’s dive right in to this email marketing game

            Email Marketing Tutorial for Beginners…

email marketing tutorial for beginners

Dissimilar: Before you read this tutorial, i would like to inform you that,  it’s not just an another email marketing tutorial that teaches you only theory. But it is an step by step email marketing training which will help you to learn email marketing quickly and apply in to your current business to gain profitability.

 Need and Importance of email marketing.

So let’s assume that you are in to abc business and you are promoting xyz product on your website or blog.

You are driving traffic to your so called online website or blog and pitching the visitors to buy whatever product you are offering.

Well, you can manage to make couple of sales here and there. That’s always good, but if you are  not capturing the visitors details, then you’ll end up loosing a lot of buyers in long run.

So here comes the need of email capturing of the visitors and marketing to them afterwards.

I am sure by now you understood the importance of email marketing and you probably thinking of setting it up for your own website. You can do that obviously there are so many info and tutorials available on the internet which can help you to do that. And going through all that and figuring out each piece of pie could be tedious and can take lot of your time.


If you want to avoid that want a simple easy to use email marketing system which will help you grow your customer base and eventually make more and more sales for you. then you should follow the below step-by-step approach below.

Step – 1 : Choosing right email service provider.

Step – 2: Setting your email email signup form.

Step -3: Linking your email signup form to your lead capture form.

Step – 4: Setting up an Email Autoresponder series for your list.


Step -1 : Choosing the right email service provider.

Well when it comes to successful email marketing, Choosing the right email service provider is critical. You should choose an email service provider which ensures the maximum delivery of message to the users in a time-bound manner. It should also provide you the insight in to your email lists.

So it’s easy to get confused while choosing the best email marketing service provider, as there are so many options out there.

Well based a several parameters, we recommend using Aweber as your email marketing service provider. As they offer the world class email service with competitive pricing

email marketing tutorial for beginners

So if you wanna follow along with this email marketing tutorial, it is advisable that you sign up for the trial.  They offer free access for complete one month. You can signup for the free trial using the below signup button.


Once you register, You can setup and and optimize your email marketing funnel from the control panel. Which we will discuss in the step -2 of this quick training.

Step - 2: Setting your email signup form.

Aweber's easy navigaion and functionality makes it easy for setting up email marketing funnel in a matter of minutes.

So before you go ahead with setting up an actual funnel, i should complete your profile from the setting tab by providing your info like, address, notification email, billing details etc etc.

Once you are done with all those basic setting, you can go ahead and click on the manage list tab on the top right corner, then click on the create list as you can see in the screenshot below.

email marketing tutorial for beginners

Then on that create list page you need to fill up couple of details like, Company name, website , url, your address, sender name and sender email. Once you provide all those details hit next.

then you will see a page like below.


Here you need to give a name to your list and a description which is basically means what is that list all about. you can understand that by looking at the help text.


Once the list setup is done, then you need to create a signup form for that list. You can do that by clicking on the create signup form as you can see on the screenshot below.


Creating a an email signup form is easy. Here is an simple tutorial, which you can look in to if you need quick reference on how to build a email sign up form in Aweber, you can follow the below video tutorial



Step -3: Linking your email signup form to your lead capture form.

Once you are done setting up your email sign up form the next step to linking up your email sign up form withe your lead capture form.

The way you can do this depends on what lead capture/ squeeze page software you are using.

I use a wordpress plugin called Optimizepress. 

Which is an awesome tool for creating stunning capture page and marketing pages directly form your wordpress control pannel.

They also provide a lot of cool feature and functionality at a very attractive price for life time.

You can check out more more about the tool be folling the link below.

Check out Optimizepress

And once you get the Optimizepress tool, you can folow the below tutorial to integrate your optimizepress lead capture form with the aweber sign up form.

Once the signup form integration is done with the your lead capture form, you should then test it by making a test sign up. Then once you verify that everything is working as expected, you can make that live on your site or blog.


Step - 4: Setting up an Email Autoresponder series for your list.

Okey, So now you have your list, your signup form setup and your capture page integrated with your signup form. So what next ??

Well next step is to Setting up and email autoresponder series for all all the people who will subscribe to your list using your lead capture form or signup form.

Before you do that, you need to make sure that you have taken the permission of the user to send them email sequence on on going basis. It's important that you take the permission, otherwise there is high changes of email being marked as spam.

In order to avoid that you need to enable double optin in the list setting inside your aweber account. which is enable by default you can just check and update the double-optin  conformation email as shown in the screenshot below.

You need to make sure that the confirmation message setting is set to on in the setting.

One this is done you can setup and email autoresponder series by clicking on the Legacy followup series under the message tab as shown in the below screenshot.

Once you create a autoresponder series you can set them to deliver one after another with a specified time interval like 1 day for example. Meaning once your visitor subscribe to your email list and confirm to receive email from you, Then they can receive automatic follow-up emails from you each and every day. Awesome!!! is not it ??

Because some of your visitor may not convert to customer on the fist follow-up, but they might become a customer after couple of follow-ups. That's the reason there is a saying that the Beauty lies in the Follow-up. By by using this system you can automate the entire follow-up system.


Well this was the part 1 of the email marketing tutorial, where we have covered most of the basics of email marketing and talked about how we can setup an email marketing funnel in real time.

In the part -2 of the email marketing tutorial we will gonna talk about advance email  techniques and strategy for profit. Stay tuned...


Cheers... 🙂