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If you have been in this Online marketing field for any certain period of time, then by now you must be probably knowing that, in order to get success online, you need Traffic.

May be you are a product owner, an Affiliate marketer or  may be a blogger, what ever you may be, you need traffic to win in this game. moreover you need lager targeted traffic to get the best ROI.

Frankly speaking, there is only 2 ways to get traffic to your website.


No 1: Buy traffic(Paid one)

No 2: Generate Traffic(Free one)


Well to be honest with you, if you are going for the first one, then you should have a healthy budget to spend on. because quality traffic consts more, makes sense.


In case you don’t have that big budget to spend for traffic, then you can obviously go for the 2nd one, that is the Free one.  which takes your time and dedicated effort. but if you do it correctly, it pays you for your effort which. So here i am listing my favorite top 5 ways to get free traffic for your website, Capture page, affiliate offers etc, etc.

Free traffic method: 1 —  Facebook Group posting

This is one of my favorite method of generating targeted traffic. If you can master this single traffic method, then you can literally start making good traffic, sales, leads and commission in your online business. For example if you are in to a niche called Dog training. then i suggest you to join Facebook groups related Dog training, and post informative information there, help people, solve their problems along with build your list to promote your product and earn commission.





Free Traffic method : 2  Forum Posting

Forum posting can be Gold mine, if done properly. A lot of people out there who started forum posting for traffic, what they do is, they immediately jumps in and start promoting their affiliate products in the forum, Which almost every forum don’t like and ban the person from the forum.

So instead of doing that what you can do is, participate in the conversation in the forum. help people on the topic you are good at, and as soon as you gain popularity, you can advertise your squeeze page in the signature section of your profile. which every forum allows to do. So in this way you can get a good amount of traffic for free.


Free Traffic Method : 3 – Video Marketing

I am sure that you will be agree with me  on this point that Audio visual representation is always batter and more convincing then textual representation. So what you can do is shoot shoot 10-15 mins video about your business and can upload it to different online video streaming channels like,

Youtube  Vimeo, Yahoo! Screen ,  DailyMotion etc etc.


Hint: Search for the low competitive keywords in your niche and make informative video on those keywords then upload those videos to different channels. make sure you put the keywords in the Titles, Video description and in the keyword section as well. which will optimize your videos for the search engine like Google.  Put your squeeze page link on the to of the video description. Once you are done with all the above things, share your video link in Social media like(Facebook, Twitter, etc etc) to get the back links. Don’t just stop after uploading 2 to 3 videos , make it a habit. then only you can see some awesome results.




Free Traffic Method : 4 – Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is another good way to get free traffic for your offers.

Only what you have to do is set Google alerts the keywords in your niche.

Then Google will gonna send latest posts around those keywords to your email account everyday. Once you get those emails from Google, go the particular website, and comment on their posts, including the link back to your website. which will not only gives you free traffic, but will give you good amount of back link, which in turns increase the SEO of your Site, Blogs.



Free Traffic Method : 5 – Free Classified Advertising

Classified advertising is another way to get free traffic for your offers. To do this properly and get the best results out of this method, you need to identify good classified site for different Geographical area and post your promotional advertisement on those sites.

For example you can post ads on Usfreeads.com Craglist.com etc etc. to get free traffic to your website.





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