An Honest And In-depth OptimizePress Review That You Can Relay Upon

Well if you are reading this optimizepress review article then chances are that you are probably confused and thinking whether you should buy this optimizepress tool or not.

Well, If you want a correct and honest answer to this question, then you are in the right place. As i am going to cover the complete review of Optimizepress with pros and cons and the alternatives. Which i am sure will help you in taking an informed decision by the time you complete reading this article.

So before we continue with our in-depth review, i would like to tell you how the heck on this planet earth i am qualified to do this review and why you should listen to me or read even read this review.

Well, Honestly speaking, i myself has been an optimizepress user for 4 years now and i have used all most all it’s functionality and have generated thousands of dollars from the marketing campaign where i have used optimzepress tool to design all my marketing pages, landing pages etc etc.

So now i am sure you can very well understand, why you should read this review.

So without further ado, let’s get started with the review.

What is OptimizePress  ??

OptimizePress is a web based tool for creating all your landing  pages, marketing pages, sales paages and membership sites from the comfort of your wordpress control pannel.

So if you have a wordpress blog then you are use this tool either as a theme or as a plugin.

If you are using any other theme on your wordpress blog, the you can use optimizepress plugin otherwise you can use it as a theme in your wordpress blog. In both the case you can take advantage of full feature of this tool.

optimizepress review




Scope Of OptimizePress :

Using OptimizePress you can design beautiful looking landing pages, sales pages, marketing pages, memership sites all inside your wordpress blog.

Whether you use optimizepress theme or plugin, it comes with beautiful pre loaded template, which you can use to create landing pages, marketing page, sales page for all your marketing needs.

You don’t need any coding skill and doesn’t have to be a techie to design professional looking web pages. All you need to do is use the drag and drop pre made element from the live editor to design your marketing pages. below is the screenshot of the optimizepress dashboard my wordpress site. As you can see in the screenshot, you have an option to make different pages in the dashboard.

Based on what you select, you will be supplied with the necessary resources and templates. It has walk through tutorial available in each and every section, which will help you understand how to operate and make use of the available resources, elements in the template.

Below are couple of screenshot of  couple of  landing pages template that comes pre loaded with the optimizepress theme and plugin.

The best part about those template is that most of the cool feature is already build in to the template itself. Only you need to adjust things here and there based on your actual need.

If you want to add any extra functionality to the existing template then you click on the add an element button inside the Live editor and search for the element then add it. As you can see in the below screenshot.


There you can search and insert the element based on your requirement.

So with a little bit of drag and drop you can create awesome looking marketing pages.

You can create capture page, sales page, membership pages etc etc using optimizepress.

Simplicity of integration with popular Autoresponder services.

Apart from creating stunning lead capture pages, optimizepress also have the flexibility of integrating with popular autoresponder services like Aweber, GetResponse ConstantContact and almost all the major autoresponder services out there.

The best part is Optimizepress comes with a complete 1 year support. Which is Great. And you have to pay only once to get a lifetime access.

It also provides the required training and tutorials to help you use this tool without any confusion.

Pros Of OptimizePress:

  • The Optimizepress comes as a light weight WordPress theme as well as plugin which you can use without much technical knowledge to create all your marketing campaign.
  • It’s simple drag and drop system is very easy to use and you can create stunning profession level pages in matter of  minutes.
  • Easy to integrate with popular autoresponder services
  • Easy tr integrate with popular payment gateway like PayPal.
  • Comes Pre-loaded with necessary templates
  • One time payment and Life time Access plus 1 yr of support on upgrades and any issues.
  • Economical pricing compared to other tools in the market.
  • Membership Plugin Included

Cons Of OptimizePress: 

  • Not much, except few advance feature and access to more number of templates in case of some other premium tools.

OptimizePress Pricing:

From the price point of view if you see from the price point of view also it o is very pocket friendly as it proviudes almost all the feature in it’s base pricing package. The difference is in the licencing model and other couple of feature and support.

Meaning if you take the core package then you can use OptimizePress in 3 website. Where as if yo go for the Publisher or the Pro package then you can get the licence for the 10 websites and more than 10 sites accordingly.

If you are an individual having one or two wordpress site, then the Core package should be enough for your needs. But if you are a consultant like me, then you should probably go for other packages. As you would need them for client’s site as well.


OptimizePress Alternatives:

There are couple of alternatives of the OptimizePress software like

Lead Pages, Thrive Aarchitect, InstaPage,

But those tools generally comes at a higher price or a monthly subscription. For instance if you go for the Lead Pages then the pricing would be at least $31/month for the standard plan.

Where as in optimizepress you can get access to all the latest features at an one time payment of $97. Which is Cool especially if you are on a budget.

So feel free to check out OptimizePress by Following the link below…